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My Story

Henrique Souza exemplifies a remarkable life as a visual artist, philanthropist, and activist. Originating from Brazil, he commenced his artistic journey at the age of 19 in Rio de Janeiro, initially serving as a photo assistant for esteemed fashion photographers. However, it was his relocation to New York in 1999 that marked a pivotal moment in his career, prompting him to embrace a new identity as an artist.

In 2003, Henrique Souza attained a significant milestone by presenting his compelling collection of images at Fire Island Pines in Long Island, New York. His art is deeply imbued with his unique perception of beauty found within the ordinary facets of life, mundane objects, and the authentic essence of humanity. Possessing a visual connoisseur's perspective reminiscent of a discerning voyeur, he skillfully explores the intricacies of the world through his artistic endeavors.

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